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The FinGate Solution

What we do

What we do

We deliver an aggregate lending platform which optimises the lenders, retailers, market segments, borrower profiles and consumer choice delivering the optimal outcomes with the least amount of resource and process friction.

Easy Integration

Easy Integration

Our technical team fully supports communication and API integrations for lenders. We also support website and iframe implementation for retailers/merchants.
Clear integration, testing to live technical specifications, requirements and timeframes on request. The bulk of the heavy lifting is facilitated by our technical team in order to make the integration extremely resource light for our partners.

Value Delivered

Value Delivered

Lenders get extremely cost-effective access to merchants/retailers and consumers through a scalable platform.
Merchants/Retailers and borrowers get access to lenders which best suit their profiles in an integrated, easy to manage and navigate platform and process.

What we offer

A fresh approach using the latest technology

Consolidated online application process

Biometric ID verification

Online income verification

Integrated digital document & signature solutions

Specialist API integration and support

iframe and website integration support for business

Market Segments

Outstanding Consumer Experience

Our finance platform delivers your customers the easiest and most hassle-free pathway to using finance as a payment method with your business. The system front loads customer information to cut down further requests all on one easy online application.

  • End to End Online Application
  • Online Biometric ID Verification
  • Online Income Verification
  • Electronic Signature Capability

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Repayments figures based on rates starting at 8.95%

Merchant & Retail Business Solutions

FinGate has created a fresh approach which provides multiple opportunities for the sale to occur.

Finance is a tool to both facilitate and grow sales. Research has shown that 52% of purchases are made using borrowed money.
FinGate Solutions provides a basket of lenders suited to your business category and varying customer credit profiles so that your sales completions on finance are maximised.
We have created a platform which creates an online customer experience that allows customer application, lender management and reconciliation seamlessly.

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FinGate Solutions was formed by Tom Kirke and Paul Nicol to provide a consolidated platform for multiple lenders that makes access and management of finance solutions for businesses both accessible and easy to manage.


From Toms project management experience in banking, banking compliance and delivering ecommerce finance solutions and Pauls background in retail sales management and marketing, consumer finance and ecommerce finance solutions, FinGate Solutions is the expression of their best thoughts, best practice, ideals and wish list.

The technical backbone is provided by Logicore. An industry specialist and leader in API integrations, bespoke and custom software solutions. Logicore is a revelation in how to make IT outcomes painless and efficient for our partners.

Our Team

Paul Nicol

Paul Nicol


021 168 8219

Tom Kirke

Tom Kirke


021 246 1470

Sarah Kirke

Sarah Kirke

Operations Manager

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